Virginia Richmond Helping Hands Womens Ministry

Helping Hands Womens Ministry

Po Box 13292
Richmond, VA - 23225


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About Helping Hands Womens Ministry

Helping Hands Women's Outreach Ministries, founded in 2001, grew out of the need to reduce the recidivisim rate among women leaving prison or rehab centers. Helping Hands Women's Outreach Ministries is comprised entirely of volunteers that assist in daily operation of the Organization. Many women who have been released from incarceration or a drug rehab center do not have a steady support system waiting for them on the outside. Since the passing of the bill to end welfare, the number of women in prison has trippled and the number of children who have mothers in prison for nonviolent drug offenses has reached an all time high. There were not sufficient programs in place to offer counseling, educational training, parenting skills and job training to prepare young women to make that move from welfare to work and to become productive citizens. Also, incarceration has hindered their chances of moving from welfare to work. Women who were once on welfare and are now incarcerated find that they cannot find jobs. This has been devastating to women, their children and America. Helping Hands Women's Outreach offers counseling, a variety of workshops, group sessions, as well as, outside community resources to women who are incarcerated and/or struggling to find help for their drug addiction. Women begin the program during pre-release phase of incarceration or while on probation. This work offers our participants a greater opportunity to become productive women and to maintain long-term sobriety. Additionally, a great deal of HHWOM'S efforts is educating legislative leaders about the importance of supporting women who seek help for their drug addiction and are trying to "make it right" for themselves and their families.

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