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Global Economic Outreach Inc

Po Box 12778
Wilmington, NC - 28405


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About Global Economic Outreach Inc

Around the world there are billions of able-bodied people in bondage to poverty simply because they lack basic skills, capital, and encouragement. With a small measure of help, these people can develop a sustainable income, providing for themselves and improving their communities. The ability to provide for one's own family brings with it the dignity God intends for every man and woman. Additionally, these programs often lead to improved health, lower infant mortality rates, better stewardship of the environment, and more opportunities for future generations. Also in this world are millions of people possessing the vocations, skills, talents, and hobbies that can be shared with the poor - usually by Internet through workers serving abroad. Global Economic Outreach is committed to seizing this moment when technology permits the sharing of information for the benefit of all mankind. We recruit volunteers to advise workers via Internet as they work to develop healthy communities.


Anonymous - Jan 7, 2020

Hi, I’m looking for a place for my son to live. He’s currently at new Hanover CC in Wilmington, NC. He will be released and needs a place to live. He will have to register as a sex offender. Can u please help?

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