North Carolina Durham Friendship Fellowship Outreach Center

Friendship Fellowship Outreach Center

Po Box 11294
Durham, NC - 27703


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About Friendship Fellowship Outreach Center

The original mission of the Friendship Fellowship Outreach Center (FFOC) was to provide spiritual guidance to the hungry and homeless of Durham. The Executive Director Julia Harrelson began this mission out of her car on March 7, 2001. Since that time, FFOC has become a nonprofit organization with an established presence in the city of Durham. The current mission of FFOC is to actively seek out individuals and feed both their physical and spiritual needs. Religious participation is not a requirement for receiving aid from FFOC. Over half of our available resources are allocated for charitable community services. We are requesting funds to strengthen the capacity of our organization and provide project support for our "Helping Hands Initiative" and the "Parent Drug Core Training Program". FFOC actively serves individuals within the city of Durham who are typically homeless, living in poverty, and/or suffering from substance abuse. Based on data from the 2000 Census and Durham DSS, residents in our service area are predominately African American and Hispanic. The average annual median household income for our service area is significantly lower then the county's reported median. Within Durham County, 13.4% (or 28,557 individuals) survive at or below the national poverty level. Approximately one third of the individuals we serve are homeless with no steady source of income. As a FBO, our ability to function has been based on donations and community volunteerism.

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