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Friends of Family Foundation

2600 Tulane Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL - 32118
(386) 256-8605

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Friends of Family Foundation Information:

FRIENDS OF FAMILY FOUNDATION providing resources of all kinds directly to the neediest; to maintain both the health and help to locate affordable, safe and quality as housing as needs of the neediest of the HIV/AIDS population are growing to be among our communities most crucial demographics completely non-partisan.

The community response to assist the HIV/AIDS community of the Greater Daytona Beach Area: The Friends of Family Foundation.

The Friends of Family Foundation was founded with the intent to provide directly, hands on, help in making the lives of the local HIV/AIDS community have necessary access to community resources, community referral and Foundation based resources to assure some quality of life.

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Friends of Family Foundation Mission Statement:


10 am - 4 pm M-F


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