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First Nations Outreach Project

35 Bence Rd
Cragford, AL - 36255

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First Nations Outreach Project Information:

The mission of the First Nations Outreach project is to develop programs, which will be capable of assisting both American Indian and non-Indian families in our area to improve their economic standing along with a lasting benefit to the overall local economy.We hope to develop both cultural and environmental programs, which will assist in increasing the self-efficiency of families and wildlife in our area.Our project will create a number of jobs in our local area and will be an easy blueprint for reproduction in other rural areas with weak economies as well.Part of our fundamental goals is to reconnect First Nations People with their Traditional Values, Culture and language. In this process, we believe that self-reliance will be a very prominent portion of our success in these areas.In developing a wildlife education program, we will also be able to bring people to a closer connection to nature and thus encourage people of all walks of life to be more involved with the environment and nature.

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First Nations Outreach Project Mission Statement:

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