Florida Boca Raton Chromosome Deletion Outreach, Inc.

Chromosome Deletion Outreach, Inc.

Po Box 724
Boca Raton, FL - 33429


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About Chromosome Deletion Outreach, Inc.

To provide support to parents of children born with rare chromosome disorders, gather together and share information, and to promote research and a positive community understanding of these disorders. CDO envisions a time in the not too distant future when doctors will have a great deal of information available on each and every chromosome disorder. They will be able to tell parents symptoms associated with a particular deletion, duplication or other disorder as well as what not to worry about. It is also our hope that appropriate therapies or other treatments will be recommended specific to particular disorders and that affected individuals will have a much greater chance of a fuller life. This is already beginning to happen and it is CDO?s goal to further support this research in any way possible.

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